Moorea Bay

Located 30 minute by ferry from Tahiti, Moorea is the ideal place to go if you don’t have the time to visit further French Polynesia islands. Well-known for outdoor adventures, hiking routes, crystal clear water, dramatic volcanic landscapes and authentic local culture you can easily spend a week there. If like us you are on a time constraint, visiting the place for the day is a must and here it is why.

What to do on Moorea ?

Rent a scooter or a fun car for the day. The island is fairly big so you will need to rent a vehicle. We rented a scooter on arrival and it was well worth it to visit the whole island. A day of rent is what you need and you will see many lookouts along the way.

Moorea Church
Moorea Lookout on Pearl Resort
Mou'aputa Mountain

Any water activities you name it, you have it. Snorkelling, swimming, diving, kayaking, paddling,  boarding, jet skiing, boating, etc. The water in Moorea is beautiful and you get an amazing view on the coral reef specially on the North of the island. Watch out for stingrays and reef sharks.  Most accommodation have free kayaks to rent for the day. Don’t forget to go to the tiny isaland Motu Fare One and Motu Tiahura.

Motu Fare One and Motu Tiahura

Go to the Belvedre de Opunohu lookout. It offers a spectacular panoramic view on Rotui, Oponohu and Cook bays. Near it, from the Agricultural College you can start the Three Coconut Trees Pass Hike and the Opunohau Vallep Loop.

Belvedre de Opunohu lookout

Visit the island waterfalls. A 25 minutes walk in the forest and dense vegetation to access Atiraa / Putoa waterfalls. Totally worth in the rainy season.

Watch the Sun Set. We can only recommend one place to watch the sunset : Nelson Campsite.

Sunset on Nelson Camping beach

Get to try the Rotui juices. Stop at Manutea Tahiti factory for a few free juice drinks !

When to go ?

The best time to visit Tahiti and its Polynesians Island is from May to October. Recommended time by the locals are End of March / Early April and August / September. We went in January and we had the most amazing week, sunny and warm. However the week before was pouring down with rain !


We stayed in the Pension Motu Iti in a bungalow for about 100 EUR. There are many affordable places to stay on Moorea from campsites, backpackers to luxury hotels. One recommended by many Tahitians is the Nelson Campsite, definitely a beautiful spot.

Pension Motu Iti

Moorea is magnifique.

City JetSetter

  • Everything you need is on the Island : shops, bars, banks, etc.
  • Get a daily hotel deal package from Tahiti ferry port if you wish to spend the day in a luxury hotel
  • Everyone speak very good English. There is no language barrier.
  • Don’t forget your snorkeling gears and your reef shoes (loads of coral reef and rocks)
  • No need to rent a car, you can do everything by bike, moped or a fun electric car. Deals are better booking on the internet prior to arrival with Avis here. Avis do not rent scooters but there is a place next to it we recommend.

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