Kok Tobe Hill View of Almaty

Almaty was our highlight while in Kazakhstan. With spectacular mountains on its doorstep, go for a hike or just relax and wander the streets of this very sophisticated city. Almaty is also an international hub so it is easy to get to / from for a vacation or transit in Central Asia. So what is it about Almaty that makes it a very attractive destination.

Make it in 48H

48H is the time we spend in the city. Here is your personal check list

  • Enjoy the best city panorama at sun set from Kok Tobe Hill and its amusement park. An hangout place for all ages. Make your way up using the cable car besides the Palace of Republic. You can come down the same way or take the local bus.
  • Take a walk around the Republic square
  • Take a walk through the historical streets of Panfilov-Zhiebek Zholy
  • Visit the park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen and the colourful Zenkov Cathedral and the war memorial
  • Go for a hike or skating at 1691m on Medeu ice rink. There you can go up the 1000 steps of Hell if you are not short of breath. The bus #12 will get you there in about 20 minutes for less than 1 euros
  • Visit the Green Bazaar (close on Monday ) and near by the chocolate making factory
  • Eat some Kazakh specialities like Kebab, laghman, plov, donuts (baursaks) and try koumiss (a very special steppe drink)
  • Look for the Martini café on 220 Satpaev street for a nice breakfast or lunch
  • Take yourself to the finest eastern relaxation baths in Arasan traditional bathhouse
  • With more time, dive into the city history and art and visit the Yklas museum, the museum of Almaty and Kasteyev museums.
Almaty mountains Valley
Republic square
Zenkov Cathedral
Kok Tobe Hill Amusement park
War memorial at the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen
View of Almaty

Explore the city of a thousand colours.

City JetSetter

  • If you are travelling from and to the airport , the bus #79 will take you there for a couple of euros. The airport is only 10km away

  • Looking for an accommodation, best to stay near the Republic Place.

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