Crossing the border from Uruguay to Argentina (Salto to Concordia)

Mix information was given to us on whether we could cross the border by foot. You just can not and this includes cyclists also. Only motorised people  (car, bus, track, motorbike) can cross this border which is not the case in Frey Bentos or Paysandú. We took the bus option because hitchhiking in this region of Uruguay is not an easy job. Several coach companies offer to cross the border.

We have chosen company Chadre leaving at 2pm. It costs $U 244 one way. Very important as we ourselves got caught, bus aren’t running on Sundays. Crossing the border is easy and took us like 10min. The bus will take you to Concordia station from where you can travel further. Our trip around the world took us to Iguazu Falls.

(Published Feb 2019)

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