What is CityJetsetter about ? CityJetSetter is a travel brand created to share experiences and give away tips about the places I go. I have always thought that guide books are too big and too heavy with too much info for when you want to travel for a couple of days or hopping from places to places. Instead, I rely on true traveller and friend experiences as well as tips from the locals to make the most out of my journey. First-hand experience, this is what you will find on this website. I want to give you, ideas of where to go, what to do and ease your way to travel wherever you feel like it. So feel free here to give your view of the world and leave your comments about places you have visited. 

Where it all started

Hey I’m Jessica. People call me a city jetsetter. But travelling is part of who I am. Over the year it has become a leisure, a wish, a need, an addiction, a lifestyle. Getting to know people, their culture, embracing new architecture, seeing new landscapes, tasting new flavours, experiencing day in day out everything the world has to offer; this is what I strive for. 

Born in the South of France, I grew up in Aix-En-Provence and moved to England (Royal Leamington Spa) some years ago. I know, what a bizarre thing to do ! Back in these days, travelling was easy. A return ticket would cost 30 Euros with Ryanair and you could fly to most places in Europe for a short break. I got the travel bug and since, I have never stopped flying. I travel with work or for fun, solo or with friends, for city breaks or long distance trips, exploring new cities or volunteering for charities.  

I’d like to think that giving up work and backpacking full time is possible and easy.  I have always dreamed to trade my high heels, my good paid job and my cosy life for a pair of trekking boots and a minimalist life. This was only a dream until …

Staithes - England
Sossusvlei - Namibia

… Until I met Julien, now my partner in life. An adventurous lad from the French Riviera. He has travelled most of his life, crossing over sixty countries, from Korea to Chile, from Zimbabwe to Tahiti. He had the chance to live in Germany, Polynesia, Canada, Australia and UK, seeing the most remote places you can ever imagine, trekking the highest mountains in the world and meeting amazing cultures and people. Things got serious between us and it was just a matter of time for us to decide that we wanted to break from this life we have set for ourselves and embark for a new adventure. 

So, we both resigned from our jobs and here is us travelling the world, enjoying our passion. We hope our story inspires you to travel and this blog to get you the chance to see what is out there. Thank you for following along our crazy adventure and our Instagram.

We are here for a great time, not for a long time”.

Jessica xxx

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